The US-based creator and lover of all things vintage chatted to us about inspirations, her artist style and finding inner strength.

‘I LOVE the 70s,’ says artist Ariana Goitia, ‘the prints, the hair, the silhouettes. I wish I could live on shaggy carpets and own an avocado green bathroom and bidet - I was born in the wrong decade...’ The multidisciplinary artist spent her childhood ‘between Argentina, Brazil, the US and the UK’, experiences which have shaped both herself and her work - ‘I shift and adapt to my environment and pick up elements from different cultures, my work seems like an amalgamation of different cultures and experiences’ she says.

We’ve been drawn to Ariana’s magnetic work and sense of creativity since we discovered her on Instagram a little while ago. Her love for the 70s - a girl after our own hearts - vibrates through her nostalgic shots and vintage-inspired imagery. Strong, creative, following her dreams, she’s a true Rat & Boa muse...


‘I had a multicultural and nomadic upbringing - my father is Argentinean and my mother is British and growing up we moved alot, it’s shaped my identity as someone very curious about my surroundings. It’s made me a bit of a cultural chameleon - somewhat confused about my own cultural identity.’


‘My mum told me I picked up a pencil at six months - I’ve always loved art and wanted to be an artist. When I was six, I wrote ‘I want to be a painter and horse breeder and have a husband who makes me a coffee and gives me a rose everyday’! I studied international relations and economics at University. I realised I needed to be in the creative realm so started working in fashion and art direction, then gallery curation, then focused on my own art.’


‘I love exploring mediums, but drawing and painting are my first loves. I’m fascinated by the human condition - the universal experiences that connect us; exploring sexuality, sense of self, our relationships with one another and with nature. My work often focuses on romantic relationships, gender roles and expectations of womanhood. I love animals and the relationship between man and nature. The nostalgia from old westerns is a big inspiration and collecting vintage magazines and books.’


‘I’ve always collected vintage and recently I’ve been sourcing clothes and curiosities, reworking and hand painting garments. Creating pieces that someone wears feels new and exciting. Handmade things aren’t simply inanimate objects, the thought, love a person puts into making something lives in the object and gives it a pulse. That energy is transferred to the object’s next owner. I’ve launched a business - Mama Sabe Studio (@mamasabestudio) - to sell my pieces and I’m working on a website where I’ll post vintage, art and some new interiors and tapestry art. I want to grow it into a platform to showcase other female artists and makers.’



‘My muse is my mum. She passed away in 2019 and she’s the inspiration behind Mama Sabe. I grew up with her making my clothes and costumes - shopping together and wearing her old clothes. We started working on Mama Sabe together, she was extremely creative. The intergenerational sharing of clothing, skills and traditions is so beautiful, it gives fashion a higher meaning - this is the spirit of Mama Sabe. I love hearing from women - customers, other vintage vendors, seamstresses, makers, I want to conjure all the maternal energy I can, in the absence of my own mama.’


‘I’m based in the US, but South America will always feel like home. I lived in Brazil for a long time and have always felt connected to the culture, the music, the people, the beautiful nature. I take trips when I can, to get lost in nature and to foreign cities to feel anonymous and people watch, sketch and drink lots of coffee. I love Mexico and have plans to work and live there in the future - it’s a hub for creativity and my soul always feels very at home there.’


‘Starting my own business, I dealt with many roadblocks - family troubles, tragedy, changing creative paths and feeling at a crossroads in my career. I want anyone reading this to remember, especially during this time of heightened uncertainty, if you ever feel at your lowest point, doubt yourself, compare yourself with others, speculate on others’ success and diminish your own - please understand the strength and potential that exists within yourself. You are stronger than you could ever imagine.’


‘My style is eclectic, I like comfortable clothes to work in, but love dressing up. I’ve always been drawn to statement pieces and things that feel special either because they have some sentimental value or evoke a certain mood, or are just over the top (I’m a Leo!) I oscillate from minimal blacks to mixing crazy prints and lots of color and textures.’


‘Rat and Boa embodies empowerment, seeing the hard work and success is really inspiring. The brand has a distinct vision - celebrating sensuality and the female form. All the garments reflect that, you can tell they are designed by women for women in how each dress is made and how they feel. I feel so sexy and cheeky in R&B - I put on a dress and want to fly to a foreign country and feel like a deviant siren. I really admire Valentina and Stephanie - I love using Instagram to connect with inspiring ladies, lifting one another up.


Words to live by?

Treat everyone like god in drag - Ram Dass

Being a woman is...

...whatever you want it to be!

Most precious possession?

At the moment my barista coffee machine!

Style is... expression you search for and play with your entire life! How fun :)

Favourite dress?

The Gisele - I love how versatile it is - I can wear it so many ways, layering it with lingerie or a leotard, or tights, an oversized sweater and some big combat boots.



It’s time to dress up at home...



Self gifting, the Valentine’s edition...