The Libertine Collection

The Libertine Collection

Rio’s mood runs through the veins of our SS2020 collection, inspired by Brazil’s tropical colour and endless summer days. This season, we’re introducing the collection through the eyes of one of our favourite creative duos – David Vetiver and Cenit Nadir. The photographer and model have collaborated for over a decade, creating striking, dynamic, powerful images. From lockdown in Puerto Rico, David and Cenit bring the SS2020 collection to life…

C: ‘I was drawn to Rat & Boa because of their sensual and exotic imagery but mostly for their beautiful dresses, and I love that they are inspired by the same things that I’m inspired by.’
D: ‘It’s alot of things that inspire you, compiled into a brand.’
C: ‘The dresses are dresses I want to wear, they’re in tune with my personality – they are passionate, sexy, but also flowy – I can definitely dance in them. I love that they’re inspired by dresses Kate Moss or Madonna would wear back in the 90’s.’
D: ‘It isn’t restrictive. That inspires me, that sense of non-restriction. I admire women that embody that essence of empowerment. In too many cultures, women are made to feel the opposite – restricted, shunned, objectified. A brand that speaks the opposite, I can relate to, I support.’
C: ‘Rat & Boa is really fun and easy to shoot. We really understand the concept and I love showing a different side of myself every time we shoot. For this one, we were inspired by movies like Vicky Christina Barcelona and Pedro Almodóvar’s Volver. Embracing the sensual, exotic woman.’
D: ‘I often draw inspiration from foreign films, especially Spanish films like Julio Medem’s Lucia Y El Sexo; the rawness, the passionate delivery, the performance, the visuals.’
C: ‘And Y Tu mama Tambien, a Mexican film directed by Alfonso Cuaron. We used that inspiration for one of our shots with my boyfriend.’
D: ‘The moment we know that we’re shooting, we start looking for inspiration, references’
C: ‘The references will guide us – the feeling, the location, the colours, the outfits, the theme, the mood.’
D: ‘How the fabric feels, how the garments feels, how that translates into photos, how the pieces resonate with us. We start with a clash of moods and essences and translate them into an image.’
D: ‘We listened to a lot of Brazilian music and Spanish music like Bad Bunny and Rosalia.’
C: ‘We play what inspires us. I have a Spotify playlist called ‘inspiracion’ which is music from Brazil, Spain, Mexico, it’s very tropical, the perfect mood. If we’re doing sexy, David always plays Madonna, so I can get in the mood...’
D: ‘It’s important to keep the storyline cohesive; full of texture and dimension. Each shot, each dress, needs something special; the same essence, but a different chapter, a different moment. Let each image be distinctive enough to have its own poetry. We think of fragments of real life; when we shot Cenit outdoors, she was hanging the clothes as if she’d just done the laundry. We want people to feel a certain nostalgia and familiarity.’
C: ‘We started shooting early in the morning for the sunlight.’
D: ‘We know there are certain times of the day where the light is more flattering, but we like to be inspired, to find the light. We enjoy exploring. We love this, we love doing this.’
C: ‘We’re about instinct with the space, the location, the lighting.’
D: ‘You tell me how it feels, I tell you how it looks. I might be focusing on something, and you’re feeling something else, and I’ll trust you, I’ll try it.’
D: ‘Our favourite dress is the red floral maxi, Ferreira, that was fun to photograph – flowy but comfortable, great colours.’
C: ‘I love that it’s sheer, but not too sheer – a sexy edge. I could wear it out, or at the house, it’s elegant, and versatile.’


‘Take the soul and magnetism of Penelope Cruz as Maria Elena in Vicky Cristina Barcelona, add the searing heat and seductive beats of midsummer Rio, shoot against the setting sun on Puerto Rico’s sultry beaches. Rat & Boa’s SS2020 collection is an ode to summer travels.


Amy Lefevre

Fashion, freedom and Frenglof. Her sleek aesthetic, endless legs and lust-worthy wardrobe had us hooked, but it is her elegant and enlightened speech on racial and social justice that proves she is more than just a muse.