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Taurus season
Element: Earth
Stone: Malachite, Sapphire, Emerald


March 21st - April 20th

You don’t have to fence yourself in and live a normal life. You can find your groove while moving in different directions. These are the things to consider as Taurus season asks you to get clear about your values and what you want to build. Know that you can build it with ease and a touch of eccentricity. Your mindset is expanding quickly throughout 2021, but take Taurus season to hit the snooze button, because rest is a crucial part of your evolution. Snooze now because come May, Mars will be soaring through your career sector demanding that you make some moves and challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone. Those goals aren’t going to reach themselves. You love a good challenge, so think of your long-term objectives as a game and enjoy the thrill of the chase. Just make sure your heart is in whatever you pour energy into.


April 21st - May 20th

Can you show others how it’s done? You are the pioneer of the zodiac right now and you’re meant to show the world how to live an authentic life. That comes more easily to you this Taurus season as Venus and Mercury tour through your sign, bringing ease and beauty to everything you touch. Secret admirers may pop out of the woodwork - no need to question it, just enjoy the warmth. While you may want to steal some solo time to enjoy the slow pace of this month, your social network and inbox might be buzzing with potential collaborators or demands for your attention. You might enjoy the conversations more than you think, so give others the benefit of the doubt and open up the lines of communication. People want to hear what you have to say! Don’t be shy and post about your radical ideas. Chances are you’ll get a dynamic response that could stimulate your creativity and lead to something genius. Follow your intuition! The Full Moon at the end of the month threatens to overturn your serenity. Forewarned is forearmed, Taurus.



Take all the time you need. Close down old chapters, because new things want to take shape. Even if you don’t quite know exactly what you want the future to look like, the Full Moon in Scorpio at the end of April will help you flesh out the details and paint some colour on your dreams. Be sure to check in with your financial objectives around the full moon because the cosmos wants you to aim high and make sure you’re not giving more than you get in your career. Until then, go within and take more alone time than usual to be with your thoughts. The clarity you seek waits for you in your solitude. If you need extra guidance right now, ask the universe to drop messages into your dreams before you switch out the light. Be patient and you shall receive signs of which path to take.


Can you feel all eyes on you? Your reputation has bloomed in recent weeks, and colleagues have love and admiration to offer you. Know that the astrology is particularly benevolent to Cancer right now. Prioritise pleasure, show gratitude for your friendships and stay open to surprise offerings from those close to you in work and play. The Full Moon at the end of April will put your love life under the microscope. Get to the bottom of whatever mysterious feelings have been lurking in the shadows. The sooner you identify your true feelings, the more you can enjoy the love waiting for you on the other side. The month of May wants you to take the reins and enjoy Mars’ bi-annual trip through your sign. Be proactive and take action for what you desire. Connect to your courage and the rest will unfold.


If you don’t speak your truth in the workplace now Leo, then forever hold your peace. Taurus season is triggering you in a few sensitive places, so forgive your reactivity! Whatever has been brewing inside of you for the past six months wants to burst through and shake up the status quo. You’ve never been a people pleaser, so don’t start now. Reveal your eccentric side and trust your intuition when it comes to creative decisions in the work place. You might not have all the support you desire at first, but people will catch on to your genius once they realise you have vision. Allies await you once you let your guard down. The Full Moon at the end of April will illuminate your deeper feelings about a situation - channel that inner emotion into something productive. Others will flock to your intensity like moths to a flame.


If there’s somewhere else you’d rather be, Virgo, know that you now have the chance to get there. Taurus season wants you to know that you don’t have to figure everything out on your own. If you have long-term dreams that are way out of your comfort zone - now is the time to believe in yourself and ask for the help you need in nailing down the specifics of how to get to your destination. Come mid-may, your creative power will be amplified by Mars in your friendship zone, so make the most of your network and mingle. If you could do with some workshops or study sessions to expand your expertise in a particular talent, now is the time to invest your energy in higher learning. The perfect mentor is just around the corner.


Maybe investing isn’t your thing, Libra, but the cosmos is giving you clues about how to double your riches this Taurus season. This is just the beginning. The next five years are here to see your financial confidence soar, as well as your acumen. If that means talking to a mentor about how to get more financially savvy then now is the time. You might still be doing some repair damage after the past twelve months, but know that the skies are clearer moving forward now that you’ve undergone some deep internal shifts to release old fears. Taurus season might bring on some growing pains and ask you to fight for your happiness in whichever way you see fit. 2021 is making joy a priority for you, but not without some bends in the road. Keep things simple for now and double down on your determination to reap as much abundance as possible. Remember that if you don’t claim that money, somebody else will. The universe has an infinite amount of abundance for us all. Get yours.


This Taurus season, you really don’t have to try too hard. The planets are aligning in ways that highlight your gifts, and your close partnerships have a lot to give you now, so open up. The more you engage with others this Taurus season, the more your world expands. Figure out a way to be more efficient with your time now, because when Mars moves into Cancer late April, exciting new opportunities will be demanding your attention. You’re usually a deeply rooted sign that knows exactly what you want, but Taurus season might have you questioning what you’re about - there are so many options now you hadn’t considered. Allow them to circle you and remember that life laughs in the face of your plans.


Make more time for pleasure in your daily routine. 2021 has you on an accelerated growth spurt, but this Taurus season wants you to slow down and realise it’s not how fast you work, but how smartly you move. Good strategy will leave you more room to actually enjoy the fruits of your labour. While Mars wraps up his bi-annual spin through your partnership sector, get clear on exactly what it is you want in a relationship. Own your shadow, know that a deep dive into your emotional depths is on the cards for most of May, so have the courage to ask the deep questions. If you feel the call to reach out to a therapist, the cosmos supports you in the inner work now. Luckily your work-life and routine is simplifying, showing you that finding ease changes your whole experience.


This Taurus season wants you to stop being the big boss of the zodiac and open your heart. That’s easier said than done as you would rather let people earn your trust than dish it out for free. The New Moon in Aries in early April was asking you to pave new emotional pathways and consider a new way of responding to situations. The trick is in not reacting. You’re usually calm and collected, but Mars opposing your sign is asking you to come out with any buried emotions. If you’re holding on to anger or repressed courage, Mars will help you let it out, calmly or not! Don’t hide your power for fear of intimidating others. The Full Moon in Scorpio at the end of April should have others witnessing your strength. You can choose to bask in the glow of their admiration or use the Full Moon illumination to reveal your desires and take action.


You don’t have to make any quick moves now to get to your destination - the cosmos is doing things for you so just make sure you stay open to noticing the opportunities. The end of April brings in an accelerated surge in your career and reputation so be aware of any restlessness from within or urge to make a sudden decision. Stay conscious enough to witness what’s going on within. Chances are you will need more time at home than others this Taurus season as sweet Venus meanders through your sector of home and family. If ever there was a time for cooking up your grandmother’s recipes and making siesta time a regular habit, this is it. Make the most of Mars’ bi-annual tour through your pleasure sector until April 24th, because then he switches gear into your zone of healthy habits and service to others. Don’t let Mars ruffle your feathers in the workplace, instead use the energy to streamline your daily life and kickstart the projects you know have long term value. The rest can wait.


Speak freely, make music, journal your dreams into existence. This Taurus season lights up your communication channels and softens your mindset. Mars in Cancer from April 24th onwards will stoke your creative fire so use this time to re-design all aspects of your life that have lost their brilliance. Home has been on your mind for the past six weeks, so whether you’re thinking of moving or just re-vamping your nest, think outside the box and consider what your ideal living environment feels like, then make it happen. It can look beautiful but if it doesn’t enhance your natural sensitivities then something might be missing.

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